Updated 9/19/2021

Kings Park Community Association, 

Below is a snapshot of the Executive Board meeting that was conducted on 13 March 2022.  


  1. Implement KPCA 2021 Modernization Initiative to enhance and improve communication within the community based on Covid19 protocols.

  2. Implementation of KPCA Cares initiative to support elderly residents within the community

  1. Implementation of KPCA Youth initiative to promote community service and professional development opportunities for youth

  1. Increase safety, eliminate speeding and reduce code violations

  1. Continue to reduce and eliminate criminal activity within the community

  1. Continue to ensure that property values increase within KCPA

  2. Improve community outreach and internal/external stakeholders (elected officials, first responders , business leaders and other community associations)

  1. Increase membership participation and KPCA membership dues payment by 50%

In closing, we look forward to a safe, secure and prosperous year within the Kings Park Community, Randallstown, Maryland, Baltimore County, Maryland, the State of Maryland and the United States of America. 

If anyone has any questions or concerns I can be reached at 301-404-7823. 

Very Best, 

Malik j. Freeman, President, KPCA


The next Community Clean-Up Day for Spring 2022 is set for Saturday, June 18, 2022 from 7am until 12:00 pm. 


Acids, caustics, pesticides, chemicals

Animal carcasses

Drums or tanks (unless clean and cut in half)

Explosive or flammable materials

Large stumps

Liquids or liquid waste

Medical or radioactive waste

Wood or logs greater than eight inches in diameter and six feet in length

Most large items that cannot be lifted manually

Toxic Materials (acids, caustics, pesticides, chemicals)

Liquids or liquid waste


Automobile bodies/parts

Refrigerator/Air Conditioners/Freezer/Appliances with Freon

CPUs, keyboards, printers, laptops, scanners, cables, and cords

VCRs and DVD players

Telephones (including cell phones and answering machines)

Fax machines

Video display devices

Television and monitors

Contractor dumping

Asphalt or black top

Brush or yard waste

Concrete or rock

Containers (glass, plastic, tin cans, aluminum)

Paper or cardboard