Updated 3/20/2016

Baltimore County Code Violations

We all can agree that a home purchase is one of the most valuable investments that we will make in our lifetime. As residents and members of the Kings Park Association, it’s our duty to uphold a high level standard of living to protect this investment. To accomplish this, your cooperation is key! Complaints are too often received of neighbors who fail to maintain their properties to this standard. To address these concerns, letters were issued to those who are in violation of Baltimore County’s housing code as it pertains to homeowners and their responsibilities in the community. These letters are legitimate and serve as notifications to inform you of the specific violation. But, please be informed that action will be taken against all violators who do not comply. You are encouraged to address these issues as stated in the letter. Any questions may be directed to the COP Director, Clarence Wilson for further explanation, if needed. We would like to thank all who have taken action to correct their situations.


Unsolicited Advertisements - Baltimore County Code Guidance 

FYI...Here are the Baltimore County Code and guidance about unsolicited advertisement flyers.  If this code is violated, Code Enforcement (CE) requires the actual recipient (homeowner) to make the complaint and testify, if needed, should it proceed to a hearing.  CE's phone number is 410-887-3351.  While we have signs posted in our community regarding "no solicitation", they are a deterrent for this activity, but we must follow the code below.

President Keith Dyson 


Per the code one can place flyers once every 6 months therefore twice a year. We require the actual recipient (homeowner) to make the complaint and testify, if needed, should it proceed to an ALJ hearing. In practice, we go to the business and talk to the owner about the code and cease the activity. Should it continue than we will issue a notice and if warranted go to a hearing.


21-19-101. Definitions
21-19-102. Scope
21-19-103. Delivery prohibited
21-19-104. Penalty
21-19-105. Enforcement

For further information regarding the official version of the Code of Ordinances, please contact the Municipality directly or contact American Legal Publishing toll-free at 800-445-5588.

Find all the details on county codes here:


For your convenience, here's a brief list of code violations.

 Baltimore County Violations

 Typical Residential Zoning Violation

 1. Unlicensed Motor Vehicles
 2. Inoperable Motor Vehicles
 3. Junkyard Conditions
 4. Open Dump Conditions
 5. Service Garage
 6. Kennel
 7. Contractor's Equipment Storage Yard
 8. Accessory Structure Placement
 9. Recreational Vehicle Parking
 10. Rooming House
 11. Home Occupations
 12. Commercial Vehicle Parking

 Typical Housing Code Violation (Owner Occupied)

 1. Premises Unsafe or Unsanitary
 2. Rubbish/Garbage Not Stored in Trash Receptacles
 3. Exterior of Dwelling not Structurally Sound
 4. Defective Roof, Steps, Chimney, Windows, Doors, Fences
 5. Peeling/Flaking Paint

Note: Property must really be a hazard/blight on community before propery owner will be cited.

 Typical Building Code Violations

 1. Vacant Building Open to General Public
 2. Vacant/Rental Property with Broken Windows, Holes in Roof, Missing Porch/Shutters
 3. Permit Required to Construct, Enlarge, Alter or Demolish the following: 
     A.) Deck
     B.) Shed
     C.) Garage
     D.) Addition
 4. Construction Site Must be Kept in a Safe/Sanitary Condition and Free of Excessive Accumulation of Trash/Debris

 Typical Livability (Rental) Code Violations

 1. Unsanitary Conditions of Common Areas, Structures and Premises
 2. High Grass and Weeds
 3. Improper Disposal of Bulk Items
 4. No/Garbage Containers
 5. Trash Cans:  No Lids, Not Rodent Proof or Watertight
 6. Defective Roofs, Windows, Frames, Stairs, Porches, Handrails
 7. Defective Exterior Paint, Walls, and Foundation
 8. Rodent/Insect Control